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What We Do

Are you looking to Buy or Sell a car Online in Kenya? Discover a wide variety of quality new and used Cars in Kenya from the most trusted car dealer in Kenya. Be it a new or used car, Garibora is a digital automotive marketplace dedicated to being the most transparent brand in the business of buying and selling second hand cars in Kenya. At Garibora we endeavor to foster a confident buying and selling experience by getting rid of the uncertainties in the process and making decision-making easier. Garibora is an online marketplace connecting car shoppers with sellers. We empower shoppers in a way that allows them to skip the boring and tedious legwork and go straight to the fun part; choosing their dream car. In a nutshell, we do your homework for you.

At Garibora, we want to make buying and selling a used car in Kenya as effortless as possible. We’ve done your homework by providing tools and resources that make the car buying and selling process a breeze.

Pricing Homework

Gari Bora gives cars a deal rating based on factors like average market price, condition of the car, age, and mileage. As a shopper looking for Cars for sale in Kenya, you have more fun things to do when shopping for a car than crunching numbers. Use our deal ratings on each car to shop confidently knowing that you’re not buying an overpriced car. 

Research Homework

According to research, the top five activities conducted online by car shoppers and importers browsing multiple sites include researching car prices, finding actual cars listed for sale, comparing different models, finding out what current car is worth, and locating a dealer or getting dealer information. What if you could do all these including the final purchase on one platform without the need to leave at all?

From pricing guides to inventory, a car comparison tool and review content, Gari Bora provides shoppers with all the tools and information they need to arrive at a decision faster and with more confidence.

Pre-sale homework

Part of your homework as a car buyer in Kenya is to conduct due diligence. Is the car in good condition? Does it have a clean logbook? You will not have to worry about any of these with our Gari Bora Certified Vehicles. Buy with confidence knowing that the vehicle has been inspected and a logbook check done.

Transactional Homework

What you need as a car buyer is more time behind wheels than on your feet. So put your feet up while we do the legwork. We’re rewriting the rules of the car buying process. While previously you had to go to different entities in search for things like insurance and financing, they are now coming to you right on the Gari Bora platform. We’ve partnered with several insurance agents and financial institutions to provide you options and a one-stop experience from pre-sale to post-sale.