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How to change a punctured tyre

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How to change a punctured tire:

Find a safe and secure place to park,where possible with CCTV cameras just to be sure of your safety. Engage your handbrake and leave your hazard lights on. Wear a life jacket if you have one and position your warning triangle to alert oncoming traffic/drivers..

Position a chock on the opposite wheel to the one with a puncture to prevent the car from rolling while jacked up.

Turn the wheel wrench anti-clockwise to  loosen the nuts to the point where they can be turned by hand. Depending on your country, all cars have their designated jacking points.

Aim to position the jack closest to the punctured wheel. Place a small plank of wood under the jack for stability. Ensure that the plank is leveled to avoid tipping.

Raise the car slowly until the flat tyre is 10-15cm off the ground. then proceed to loosen and remove the wheel nuts, then gently pull the tyre towards you until it comes free.

Slide the spare wheel onto the protruding hub bolts, or in line with the wheel nut slots (warning: it’s heavy to lift it off the ground to do this).

Replace the wheel nuts and tighten them by hand. Using the Jack, lower the car down slightly and ensure that the spare tyre is in contact with the ground and use the wrench to fully tighten the wheel nuts.

Lower the car fully to the ground and remove the jack and give the wheel nuts a final check for tightness before driving off. Check the tyre pressure to ensure that it’s fully inflated by using a tyre pressure gauge. If not available, drive to the nearest petrol station and use the gauge there.Pump up the tyre to the recommended pressure.

Remember to take your spare tire for repair or to replace it. It is not advisable to drive around on a spare tire as it may cause damage to your vehicle. Learn how to check if your tyres are worn out before they cause an accident.