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What to look for when buying a second hand car in Kenya

Buying or selling  a used car online in Kenya can be a good option when you’re looking for a quality vehicle without the higher price tag. While a used car can be a sensible option.

Inspect the Car’s Exterior and Interior: Inspect both the outside and inside of the vehicle. Look over the exterior of the vehicle, checking for scratches, dents and rust. Check to see that body panels line up evenly, as uneven panels may indicate the vehicle was in an accident but not repaired well. It’s also a good idea to open and close the doors, hood and trunk to see how easily they move.Selling used cars in Kenya Paint Job: Check the paint job for an overspray on the inside hood, trunk, doors for signs of repair and repaint.

Upholstery: Seat in all the seats looking for unusual wear and tear in the upholstery, if the safety belts are in good working condition. Wear and tear on the inside may indicate negligence by the owner and may require for you to inspect further.

A musty smell in the car may indicate leaks and water damage.

Go for a Test Drive:Turn the key to the “accessory” position before starting the engine.

Check to see if the dashboard warning lights go on, or stay on when you turn the ignition. If not, you may need to inspect the vehicle further before making your- purchase.

While driving, keep your eyes and ears open. drive the car on different types of roads and at varying speeds to see if the transmission shifts smoothly, take note of any unusual engine or brake noises. Also, ensure that the brakes work properly and do not pull the car to one side.

Consider the Mileage: While you should take a vehicle’s mileage into consideration, high mileage isn’t necessarily a bad thing and low mileage doesn’t always mean the car is in great shape.

Check for Leaks:  Check under the car to see if there’s any fluid leaking. Black fluid might be an indicator of leaking oil, while green, yellow or pink fluid may indicate a leak in antifreeze and reddish fluid could be a leak in the transmission or power-steering fluid. Also, take note of where the vehicle is parked while inspecting, if parked on top of a wet area ask for the car to be moved to a leveled ground as most people looking for a quick sale do this to hide any damages or leaks.

Have a Mechanic Inspect It: Have your car inspected by a professional.  Most auto service stations perform inspections for a fee, and it’s better to cough up the money for an inspection to avoid issues that may arise later. You could also use the inspection report to negotiate the purchase price with the seller.

Research:  Most countries have a public database that allows you to search for a vehicle identification number. This database allows you to check on the vehicle’s accident history, if it has been stolen and reported missing if it has been involved in any crimes etc.